I See You, Mama - the Podcast

I See You, Mama - the Podcast

The "I See You, Mama" podcast is a weekly (if the stars align and none of our kids get sick) conversation with women who are doing the work of motherhood. We go deep, we get to the good stuff. We may be folding laundry mountain, driving carpool, or have a spare moment but in the crazy work of motherhood, we are making sure we are feeding our own souls. This is the good stuff. We laugh. We cry. We lay it all out there.

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    Talking to Your Kids About Racism - Dorena Williamson and Tiffany Acuff

    Ariana Evans and her guests Dorena Williamson - Children's Author, mama, and first lady of Strong Tower Bible Church and Tiffany Acuff - writer, mama, and activist and co-founder of Corner to Corner mInistry discuss the topic of taking to our kids about racism.

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    Home birth in both the UK and the USA - Lindsay Lo

    Guest Lindsay Lo and Host Ariana Evans discuss home birthing. Lindsay has had one home birth in the US and one in the UK and got to know the inside of the system from the inside. I don't know why is it that Mamas love to discuss birthing babies but we do!!

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    Grieving and parenting at the same time - Lindsay Lo

    Lindsay L. and Host Ariana Evans talk about parenting while grieving the loss of a loved one. We discuss all the pitfalls and milestones and struggles of trying to maintain some sense of normalcy for the kids while falling apart on the inside. We also discuss some good resources and podcasts for dealing with grief and illness.

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    Towne Burd: The thread that brought you to this moment

    Ariana Evans and Towne Burd sit in the beautiful echo-y space that houses the chiropractic clinic that she runs with her husband. We talk about the things that brought her to this moment in life, the thread that she followed and continues to connect her to her body, her family, her health and a deeper understanding of herself.

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    Happy New Year 2020! Go do the thing.

    The host, Ariana Evans, talks about the new year, the new places the podcast is going, and about you going and doing the thing. That thing that you don't want to do but long to do? Going and doing THAT thing.

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