I See You, Mama - the Podcast

I See You, Mama - the Podcast

The "I See You, Mama" podcast is a weekly (if the stars align and none of our kids get sick) conversation with women who are doing the work of motherhood. We go deep, we get to the good stuff. We may be folding laundry mountain, driving carpool, or have a spare moment but in the crazy work of motherhood, we are making sure we are feeding our own souls. This is the good stuff. We laugh. We cry. We lay it all out there.

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    Ally Henny - Pushing Back Against Racism in America, One Post at a Time - Part 1

    Ally Henny is a powerful voice against racism in America. In her own words the following labels apply: Jesus-follower. Wife. Mother. Teacher/Preacher. Wannabe Revivalist. Thinker. African-American. Innovator. and I would venture to add to that, Anti-Racist, podcaster, writer, and so much more. This is part 1 of 2 in which Ally and host Ariana Evans sit down and talk about the big stuff, the things that matter. It's gonna get good, y'all.

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    Jodi Hays - Artist, Educator, Mother, Curator, Advocate

    Jodi Hays is a Nashville based Artist, Educator, Curator, Mother and more. Ariana and Jodi spend an hour discussing what can only be described as "all the things" as our conversation weaves in and out of so many things including kids, art, parenting, the art scene, the music scene, psychology, EMDR, and babysitting, small town perspective, Jodi asking better questions than Ariana (who is the interviewer!), a shared distaste for housework, and the color turquoise all while hanging out in Jodi's studio.

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    Ariana Evans - Up All Night

    Up all night. When mamas get sick, get anxious, get worried. Ariana talks about anxiety and mental health, all while making breakfast on an early Monday morning.

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    Porsche Pope - The Polished Pope - Personal Styling, Home Styling and Cuisine Styling

    Porsche Pope is my lovely guest of the week and we talk all about how she takes people and their style to the next level. We talk about how she became a mother, how that merges with her work life, and what it looks like to be a personal stylist. Not only does she style humans, but homes and cuisine. It's more than clothes. Food, Fashion and Decor.

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    Jen McCarter - re.treat - Turks & Caicos

    Jen McCarter, third time guest, talks about her upcoming Re.Treat in Turks and Caicos, hosted by herself and life coach and yoga teacher, Lauren Zoeller. Jen and Ariana talk about what finishing her RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 500 means for her practice and classes. Then of course, as always, things go off the rails and they follow some great conversational rabbit trails.

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    Shana Berkley: The Academy Nashville and The Fashion Chase

    Guest Shana Berkley talks about her work with Corner to Corner Ministry's "The Academy" division that offers entrepreneurial classes to those who want an on ramp into starting their own business. As a graduate of The Academy herself, Shana now manages the Academy and runs her own business called The Fashion Chase - Helping Corporately Creative Women Find Their Personal Style.

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    Traveling with Kiddos

    Nicky and Ariana discuss the perils of traveling with kids. By land and by air! Nicky brinks her sense of humor and experience to the podcast and has a whole list of tips and tricks that she used to cope with her trips back and forth across the ocean to visit her country of origin. It's always fun when Nicky is on the podcast!

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