I See You, Mama - the Podcast

I See You, Mama - the Podcast

The "I See You, Mama" podcast is a weekly (if the stars align and none of our kids get sick) conversation with women who are doing the work of motherhood. We go deep, we get to the good stuff. We may be folding laundry mountain, driving carpool, or have a spare moment but in the crazy work of motherhood, we are making sure we are feeding our own souls. This is the good stuff. We laugh. We cry. We lay it all out there.

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    Traveling with Kiddos

    Nicky and Ariana discuss the perils of traveling with kids. By land and by air! Nicky brinks her sense of humor and experience to the podcast and has a whole list of tips and tricks that she used to cope with her trips back and forth across the ocean to visit her country of origin. It's always fun when Nicky is on the podcast!

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    Julie Kaalberg - sewing, designing, moming and teaching

    Host Ariana Evans and guest Julie Kaalberg talk about how Julie went from a job in genetics to a career in sewing and designing her own line of garments for SewPOP, a popup fundraiser for the Sewing Training Academy.

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    Mandy Rogers Horton - art and parenting

    Host Ariana Evans and guest Mandy Rogers Horton discuss Mandy's visual art, parenting, teaching, growing as an artist, second careers, and shaking off the cultural idea that taking time to create and grow as a human (woman) in craft and art is selfishness.

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    Shannon Lee Miller - Autism Parenting

    Host Ariana Evans and Shannon Lee Miller discuss Shannon's parenting her Autistic son while also parenting her other neurotypical children, how her son brought her back into music and how she writes and runs to process all of it.

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    Elizabeth Reitz and Bleuet Girl - the mama heart that launched a line of undergarments for tween girls

    Host Ariana Evans has a great conversation with Elizabeth (Liz) Reitz about her new line of tween undergarments called Bleuet. For those of you who, like me, are a bit skeptical about items marketed to such a small slice of the population, you will love her mission, her empowerment of girls on their journey to womanhood, her mama heart that brought her to a place where she wanted to give her own children what they needed, couldn't find it and so made her own way.

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