I See You, Mama - the Podcast

I See You, Mama - the Podcast

The "I See You, Mama" podcast is a weekly (if the stars align and none of our kids get sick) conversation with women who are doing the work of motherhood. We go deep, we get to the good stuff. We may be folding laundry mountain, driving carpool, or have a spare moment but in the crazy work of motherhood, we are making sure we are feeding our own souls. This is the good stuff. We laugh. We cry. We lay it all out there.

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    Talking to Your Kids About Racism - Dorena Williamson and Tiffany Acuff

    Ariana Evans and her guests Dorena Williamson - Children's Author, mama, and first lady of Strong Tower Bible Church and Tiffany Acuff - writer, mama, and activist and co-founder of Corner to Corner mInistry discuss the topic of taking to our kids about racism.

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    Home birth in both the UK and the USA - Lindsay Lo

    Guest Lindsay Lo and Host Ariana Evans discuss home birthing. Lindsay has had one home birth in the US and one in the UK and got to know the inside of the system from the inside. I don't know why is it that Mamas love to discuss birthing babies but we do!!

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    Grieving and parenting at the same time - Lindsay Lo

    Lindsay L. and Host Ariana Evans talk about parenting while grieving the loss of a loved one. We discuss all the pitfalls and milestones and struggles of trying to maintain some sense of normalcy for the kids while falling apart on the inside. We also discuss some good resources and podcasts for dealing with grief and illness.

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    Towne Burd: The thread that brought you to this moment

    Ariana Evans and Towne Burd sit in the beautiful echo-y space that houses the chiropractic clinic that she runs with her husband. We talk about the things that brought her to this moment in life, the thread that she followed and continues to connect her to her body, her family, her health and a deeper understanding of herself.

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    Happy New Year 2020! Go do the thing.

    The host, Ariana Evans, talks about the new year, the new places the podcast is going, and about you going and doing the thing. That thing that you don't want to do but long to do? Going and doing THAT thing.

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    Ally Henny - Pushing Back Against Racism in America, One Post at a Time - Part 2

    Ally Henny is a powerful voice against racism in America. In her own words the following labels apply: Jesus-follower. Wife. Mother. Teacher/Preacher. Wannabe Revivalist. Thinker. African-American. Innovator. and I would venture to add to that, Anti-Racist, podcaster, writer, and so much more. This is part 2 of 2 in which Ally and host Ariana Evans sit down and talk about the big stuff, the things that matter. It's gonna get good, y'all.

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    Ally Henny - Pushing Back Against Racism in America, One Post at a Time - Part 1

    Ally Henny is a powerful voice against racism in America. In her own words the following labels apply: Jesus-follower. Wife. Mother. Teacher/Preacher. Wannabe Revivalist. Thinker. African-American. Innovator. and I would venture to add to that, Anti-Racist, podcaster, writer, and so much more. This is part 1 of 2 in which Ally and host Ariana Evans sit down and talk about the big stuff, the things that matter. It's gonna get good, y'all.

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    Jodi Hays - Artist, Educator, Mother, Curator, Advocate

    Jodi Hays is a Nashville based Artist, Educator, Curator, Mother and more. Ariana and Jodi spend an hour discussing what can only be described as "all the things" as our conversation weaves in and out of so many things including kids, art, parenting, the art scene, the music scene, psychology, EMDR, and babysitting, small town perspective, Jodi asking better questions than Ariana (who is the interviewer!), a shared distaste for housework, and the color turquoise all while hanging out in Jodi's studio.

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    Ariana Evans - Up All Night

    Up all night. When mamas get sick, get anxious, get worried. Ariana talks about anxiety and mental health, all while making breakfast on an early Monday morning.

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    Porsche Pope - The Polished Pope - Personal Styling, Home Styling and Cuisine Styling

    Porsche Pope is my lovely guest of the week and we talk all about how she takes people and their style to the next level. We talk about how she became a mother, how that merges with her work life, and what it looks like to be a personal stylist. Not only does she style humans, but homes and cuisine. It's more than clothes. Food, Fashion and Decor.

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    Jen McCarter - re.treat - Turks & Caicos

    Jen McCarter, third time guest, talks about her upcoming Re.Treat in Turks and Caicos, hosted by herself and life coach and yoga teacher, Lauren Zoeller. Jen and Ariana talk about what finishing her RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 500 means for her practice and classes. Then of course, as always, things go off the rails and they follow some great conversational rabbit trails.

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    Shana Berkley: The Academy Nashville and The Fashion Chase

    Guest Shana Berkley talks about her work with Corner to Corner Ministry's "The Academy" division that offers entrepreneurial classes to those who want an on ramp into starting their own business. As a graduate of The Academy herself, Shana now manages the Academy and runs her own business called The Fashion Chase - Helping Corporately Creative Women Find Their Personal Style.

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    Traveling with Kiddos

    Nicky and Ariana discuss the perils of traveling with kids. By land and by air! Nicky brinks her sense of humor and experience to the podcast and has a whole list of tips and tricks that she used to cope with her trips back and forth across the ocean to visit her country of origin. It's always fun when Nicky is on the podcast!

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    Julie Kaalberg - sewing, designing, moming and teaching

    Host Ariana Evans and guest Julie Kaalberg talk about how Julie went from a job in genetics to a career in sewing and designing her own line of garments for SewPOP, a popup fundraiser for the Sewing Training Academy.

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    Mandy Rogers Horton - art and parenting

    Host Ariana Evans and guest Mandy Rogers Horton discuss Mandy's visual art, parenting, teaching, growing as an artist, second careers, and shaking off the cultural idea that taking time to create and grow as a human (woman) in craft and art is selfishness.

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    Shannon Lee Miller - Autism Parenting

    Host Ariana Evans and Shannon Lee Miller discuss Shannon's parenting her Autistic son while also parenting her other neurotypical children, how her son brought her back into music and how she writes and runs to process all of it.

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    Elizabeth Reitz and Bleuet Girl - the mama heart that launched a line of undergarments for tween girls

    Host Ariana Evans has a great conversation with Elizabeth (Liz) Reitz about her new line of tween undergarments called Bleuet. For those of you who, like me, are a bit skeptical about items marketed to such a small slice of the population, you will love her mission, her empowerment of girls on their journey to womanhood, her mama heart that brought her to a place where she wanted to give her own children what they needed, couldn't find it and so made her own way.

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    Caroline Lee - Foster Care Awareness Month - her story of fostering

    Host, Ariana Evans and guest Caroline Lee sit down to talk about Caroline's foster care journey. In light of Foster Care Awareness month (May) she wanted to shine light on the challenging and beautiful truths that are a part of loving children from broken family systems.

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    Jenny Anne - Making Music and Giving Back

    Ariana Evans, Co-Host Nicky Nash and guest Jenny Anne sit down to discuss Jenny's impending album, motherhood, giving music back to the community through her and her husband's non profit called Charleyville and all things Jenny Anne.

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    Tracy Utley - Homeschooling 4 boys and life after homeschool

    Ariana and Tracy Utley discuss Tracy's career as "Headmistress of the Utley Academy for Boys" the title her family laughingly and lovingly gave her to describe her homeschool situation. They also talk about life and a new career in massage therapy after homeschooling when the boys have left for college or have opted to explore public school. They also cover the ins and outs of whether or not to try diy basic plumbing, a touch of social justice and the difference between tenacity and stubbornness. Never a dull discussion!

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    Meredith Andrews: Making Music in the Midst of Motherhood

    Ariana Evans sits down with musical guest Meredith Andrews, and I See You Mama's part-time podcast Co-Host: Nicky Nash, to talk about music, motherhood, faith, parenting, waiting, tree bathing, leading with vulnerability and Meredith's new album.

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    Sara B Cline: YoungLives (which is like YoungLife but for Teen Moms!)

    Sara Beth Cline and Ariana talk about YoungLives, which is like YoungLife but for teen moms. Sara B and many others in Nashville are mentors to teen moms in local high schools. We talk about how she got involved, how it began in Nashville, the beautiful and hard parts of serving and caring about teen moms.

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    Felecia James - Parenting with joy, loneliness, hard work, and stillness

    Ariana and Felecia James have a conversation about how Felecia handles life at home with 4 kids, one of whom has disabilities, and a husband in the military. We talk about joy, loneliness, how much failure is too much failure for kids, getting still and finding the quiet. We talk about a lot of things and we laugh! My (Ariana's) favorite thing to do.

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    Nicky Nash - Finding Purpose When the Kids All Leave for School

    Nicky Nash and Ariana talk about the struggle to balance work and family, to find a direction when the Stay At Home Mom life is over, or at least the kids are all in school. Connection, loneliness, and the great question: What is my purpose? We also discuss the languishing Christmas Tree on my porch. At the end of February (which is when we recorded this episode).

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    Jen McCarter: Fabulous Yogi and Mama

    Ariana and Jen McCarter talk about how Jen got her start in Yoga, her upcoming Mother-Daughter Yoga Retreat and belt buckles as big as dinner plates.

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